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You can also add VALUE to the lives of children living in SLUMS

KAWEECHIPA seeks to create a violence free community in which children and woman living in the slums of Kyebando and Kisenyi are protected from marginalization, abuse and exploitation. This can only be achieved through advocacy, networking, service delivery, organizational development and Research.

our Mission
To work with government, women leaders and civil society to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable slum women and children by empowering them to reach their full potential.
Latest Projects
> Rights Advocacy For Children And Women together with gender sensitive men
> Sanitation &   Livelihood
> Education
To see slum women and children who are socially, economically and politically empowered and with a voice to control their own future and destiny.

Kaweechipa In



To improve the quality of life of the vulnerable groups especially Women, and Children among the urban poor inhabitants of Kawempe Division Urban Council slums.


We also continuously undertake efforts and initiatives to ensure that children and women are empowered to advocate for protection of their rights. We work closely in partnership with community leaders, Police and other law enforcing agents, NGOs and CBOs that fight for the rights of women and children.